Monday, 17 November 2008

The place I'd visit

There is a place that I visit,
He lives there, a man I love
Who's thoughts are exquisite,

I tell him of all my trifling folly,
He lends me wisdom
& tells me to be jolly,

He explains the world,
What he sees as creation,
Highlighting that all which is bad,
Is not just damnation,

"Your hudles", he muses,
"are not what they seem,
with each one you jump,
There's a talent to be seen,

The effort you apply & the way that you fall,
Make the path of your flight,
It's how we see what has become of us all"

He saw the hard-knocks as a stepping surface,
"A challenge in life is nothing but purpose!
what you aim for, you can achieve,
The 'mountain' in the way,
Is only what you perceive,

Don't squabble at nothing,
while there are dreams to climb,
Stop wasting your minutes,
when all you have is time!'

jf. x

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