Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The Father's City

What our Grandfathers knew in their heads, our fathers believed in their hearts. So, they fought for ground and began building a new city for their children.

As their Fathers saw what was being built, their hearts turned toward the Son's and began to dream. They where now building with them. We grew up in the city. Bold and bright. Safe and sound. Protected and loved. Though, it was impossible to see it as our own.

When time came, we searched beyond the city's walls for answers; we found none. 
We embraced every feeling that came to hand as it ran across the landscape. 

Rough rock. Cold waters. Soft Velvet. 

Trying everything but the Truth we had already knew of. And after years of wondering the wilderness, our hearts turned back to The Father's.

We returned to the city that was prepared for us and it was our own.
Generation, for Generation. Until Kingdom come.

jf. x