Monday, 28 September 2009


In the corner, sat a young man, now old, playing an acoustic guitar;
It was the first time he'd touched it in many years.

As he fumbled around some simple progressions, recalling all he could remember,
his eyes became full of sadness. He had to pause.

It was as though all of his time came rolling upon him,
He held back, trying to stop himself falling into memory.

He was, again, in a moment of youth. The band was back together,
His father had yet to die and there was still a chance in tomorrow.

The suicides hadn't happened and the future was still as bright
as yesterday's redemption.

The night grew cold and a candle flickered. A tear fell from his eye and hit the floor.
He put the guitar down, remembering why he stopped playing.

All of a sudden, he's back in the room, to which he exclaims,

"Man, it's been a long time"