Sunday, 5 April 2009

A River Flowing Underground

What if it just so happened that there should be a river underground?

Beneath this city, flowing out into the sea. It's a secret and only you and I know.

We could be done with this place.

Would you hold my hand as we jumped through a trap door, leading us to an intricate system of pipe lines.We hold a map and a torch. Even though the smell of the cavern is dank and the sound of an echoing drip boom through the haunted chamber, we won't notice; we're compelled by pure Adrenalin.

The journey we're on is toward freedom.

In a little red boat that waits for us at the opening of the catacomb, we'd journey through moments of darkness, still being in the drains, but then would be met by brilliant light, dancing across perfectly formed waves, beneath pink and blue skies.

It's an exit; A perfect way to leave all of which we thought we were behind. All of those who said we were what, and everything that proved them right or wrong.

If you say 'yes', I'll let you go.

But me? I'll stay behind.

The city may be difficult, but I'll find my way out from above the ground. Taking more with me than just you and I, so that all might know the way.

Though the buildings here are shrouded in grey and the skyline is like a dirty collar, its people offer more light than a thousand sunsets across an ocean ever could.

Sure, out there we'd be free, but freedom and time that haven't been earned are boredom in anyone Else's book.

Life is beautiful.

jf. x