Sunday, 16 November 2008

A Professional Thinker.

I had this same thought when I was Young.

Which is still true -It's the same thought & I'm still young.

I'm going to be a writer.

A Writer is no more than a professional thinker. I'm inconsistent in everything beyond thinking. If a writer is telling a story or examining the human condition, he uses words to make the thought possible for anyone else to understand... like a painter uses colours & form for the sake of any one viewing their art- We can see a picture they'd dreamt up. Whether or not we understand

I can think. I can use words.

Even if I'm misunderstood, I can be a writer.

Similar to the sermons of a Pastor {A professional Christian}, a professional thinker articulates memory and thought into form for the benefit of others. Be it Entertainment or Edification.

Spending countless hours in Cafes, Art Galleries, Foreign countries, gathering thoughts to retell from a certain perspective.

That sounds like a life.

To be thrown into the mix of Nobility and Rebellion, creating thoughts from a kaleidoscope of dreams.

That's what I want.
That's why I'm a writer.

jf. x

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